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Guitar Pedal

Amps, Pedals and Accessories

At King’s Music, we take pride in carrying top quality effects, amps, and accessories at competitive pricing. We have amps ranging from powerful little practice amps, loaded with digital effects and stimulating amp models, all the way to handmade British tube amps that will melt you with their creamy tone. If you just aren’t getting the effect you are after from your amp, check out some of our pedals. We carry everything from simple overdrives, to phase-shifters, space-echoes, and delays. If the amp you’re using isn’t cutting it, come try our amps. We have a large enough selection to fit almost any need. We also stock some 13-pin guitar products from Godin and Roland. This allows any studio user to capture any sound, from any guitar, or amp. Even allows the user to drop tune, retune, or nashville tune the guitar, with the push of a button.

Planet Wave
Levy’s Straps

We have many other accessories and supplies. Contact us for more information.

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